Explorers 🧭 on a Nature Walk … 🌳🍀🍂step aside Agatha Christie and 🕵️‍♂️ Sherlock’s Holmes – make way for our Nature Sleuths … grass blades, barks of trees, tiny flowers … all fall prey to our lenses 🌿🌾🌞 Our picnic last week had our little ones wide eyed and elated … as teachers and learners together explored Nature – peeping at everything through magnifying glasses and curiosity. Watching insects 🐞 crawling around and seeing them up-close through a lense, feeling the bumpy bark of trees 🌳, picking flowers 💐 with friends and simply running around on the lawns was quite liberating. At KIDZMATE Nursery we like to add a spark ⚡️ to every week of learning – making discoveries that transforms childhood into such an adventure 🐾🌝