Classroom Groupings

Grouping of children are planned to make fun learning safe and fun based on invidual needs of the child. Though age acts as a defining criteria we also look at specific needs of the child such as physical skills and emotional needs.
TODDLER ROOM (12 to 28 months)
Our Annual Concerts are known in the region as its held every year at partner schools – enabling children to go on stage to sing, dance, and express themselves through thematic dramatics and story lines.
FOUNDATION STAGE-1 (3.6 to 4.6 years)
In the Foundation 1, more emphasis is placed on preparing the children for school. We introduce them to a more structured routine and a slightly more formal way of learning, which takes the children on their continual journey towards their first year at school.
Our focus, however, is not to move away from making learning fun through play. The children have a big influence on class activities throughout the day through choosing and evaluating what they do.
FOUNDATION STAGE-2 (4.6 to 5 years)
Children within this stage are prepared for the transition into Year 1/ Grade 1. The emphasis remains on active learning whilst remaining mindful of the need to prepare children for the more formal school environment of Year 1/ Grade 1.

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