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Kidz-Mate Nursery And Pre-School

Our nursery and pre-school provides an early learning environment that is friendly, fun, colorful, open, and safe. With almost 14 years of experience in providing pre-school nurturing – our children are assured of the firm foundation and confidence they need to seamlessly transition into primary school. We ensure that every child attains their full potential through play-based learning activities and by working closely with parents to advance their child’s overall learning and development. We also endeavor to accommodate the individual needs of our children and parents wherever possible. 

Why Kidz-Mate Nursery

Family Friendly

We believe that parents are partners in their child’s learning and hence offer our repertoire of the early learning experience in the education field to our parents. Young parents are engaged in monthly activities – that include interactive classroom sessions with children, training sessions on various topics, parent-teacher meetings, funfairs and more.

Fully Qualified Happy Staff

The Kidz-Mate staff has years of experience and commitment within our setting, reflecting our policy of inclusion. Our teachers hold minimum Cache 3 or equivalent qualification while TAs hold Cache 2 or equivalent qualification, our nannies are caring and friendly. Our work culture is reflected in our staff who are happy ready every day to sing, dance, be creative and silly as the situation demands.

EYFS Curriculum Classrooms

The classrooms of our nursery provide scope for exploring and discovering corners that enable growth in each area of child development. From building and construction in math corner to role play, dress-up, and messy sensory play each classroom is a busy beehive of activity and growth.

Age Appropriate Classrooms

Toddlers Classroom (12 to 28 months)
Beginners Classroom (2.4 to 3.6 years)
Foundation Stage 1 (3.6  to 4.6 years)
Foundation Stage 2 (4.6 to 5 years)

Primary School Placements

Kidz-Mate learners shine in the schools they move to be our ambassadors there… with 15 years of quality care, we have the experience and partnership to guide parents to schools around the UAE no matter which curriculum they choose.

Special Needs Children

Our setting provides scope for children with different learning needs by being accommodating and also providing the service of an experienced and qualified behavioral therapist who takes care of their needs. Staff receives periodic training in Special Educational Needs of children.

Flexible Timings & Attitude

All parents love our flexible and reasonable attitude to timings and operations.

What Parents Have To Say

We were looking for a good nursery for our 3.5 years old son and got to know about Kidz-Mate through one of our friends. During the very first visit, we were thoroughly impressed by the positive vibes that seemed to tell us … THIS IS THE ONE … period. In just a couple of months, we could see tangible progress in our son across multiple dimensions like communication, interpersonal skills, social behavior etc. We were completely stunned to see him “teaching us” how to properly wash hands in the very first week!

Guruprasad Phadke

I would highly recommend Kidz Mate Nursery as my daughter showed real improvement after sending there right from potty training, coloring, speaking skills other than her mother tongue and in almost every activities. The teachers and nannies are very caring and helpful. Their whole environment is very friendly and it is highly important to mention about their sports class giving introduction to sports like football at that tender age. I could never forget about that one day where we were given opportunity to spend time with my kid in the nursery. I wish them to continue to grow and foster more and more young generations in the coming years.

Aisha Siyad

Since joining Kidz Mate Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident in writing and speaking skills. My daughter loves the teachers very much and the teachers are very attentive and polite. Thank you very much for the responsible and conscientious attitude to education and upbringing.

Iryna Tatushko

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