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Our nursery and pre-school provides an early learning environment that is friendly, fun, colorful, open, and safe. With almost 14 years of experience in providing pre-school nurturing – our children are assured of the firm foundation and confidence they need to seamlessly transition into primary school. We ensure that every child attains their full potential through play-based learning activities and by working closely with parents to advance their child’s overall learning and development. We also endeavor to accommodate the individual needs of our children and parents wherever possible.

Optional Services

At KidzMate Nursery we look at developing the whole child through – building self-confidence through speech, expression, dance and athletic skills.


Our extended care provision provides peace of mind to working parents as the child can spend extra hours at nursery while they await their parents. Children are provided planned activity during this time with the right blend of rest and play in a safe and stimulating manner.


We address special education needs such as speech delays, ADHD, and mild autism spectrum disorders by providing one-to-one sessions to children who require it. Learners at the setting are observed for achievement milestones, parents are guided for professional assessments – following which are our trained and qualifies SEND coordinators assist children based on individual needs as assessed by the professionals.


Older children between three and half to four years age who stay back at Nursery for extended care have the need for rest, care, and provision to prepare for future schooling. As per requests from parents those children who may be proceeding to foundation two stages are provided with one-to-one assistance in pre-reading and writing skills. This would build confidence in children to enter school with assurance and flourish in their learning there. Captivating pictorial and sight-reading methods are used the speeds the process reading through recognition when combined with the Jolly Phonics technique.


Working with Toddlers and preschoolers we know best how to make the child’s special day sparkle… with bubbles, balloons, games and gifts we create memories for families to cherish.


We use the Soccer Tots activity as an aid to helping children with their physical development. Over the years of providing this activity we found it extremely beneficial for children for cognitive development as well - specifically benefits children with attention deficiency, speech delays and poor motor skills deficiencies. Soccer kids Dubai is a branch conducts soccer sessions for children of age 30 months and upward. They provide trained female coaches to suit local requirements. The sessions are conducted during normal working hours (8:00-2:00) within the Nursery (Floor exercise area)


Children using extended care can avail of additional activities involving them in development of skills. Ballet is an activity that can be added to improve a child’s physical agility, focus and attention improving self-confidence and expression. Our partner for the provision of this activity is chosen from Dubai’s best to make it suitable to parents, child and setting.

Why Kidz-Mate

Testimonials From Our Parents

Our Google:

It's the best nursery i came across, I really advice parents to blindly admit their children to it:

  • they care about the kids personally,
  • very clean and Hygienic
  • very organised
  • safety all time
  • immediately they contact to update the parent with any thing happen to their child
  • they teach the kids manners and discipline
  • they helped me a lot with the potty training
  • they provide educational and enjoyable trips every month
  • soccer classes/training is provided
  • uniform (not mandatory)

Thank you a lot and all the best Kidz-Mate


“I would highly recommend Kidz-Mate Nursery as my daughter showed real improvement after sending there right from potty training, coloring, speaking skills other than her mother tongue and in almost every activities.

The teachers and nannies are very caring and helpful. Their whole environment is very friendly and it is highly important to mention about their sports class giving introduction to sports like football at that tender age.

I could never forget about that one day where we were given opportunity to spend time with my kid in the nursery. I wish them to continue to grow and foster more and more young generations in the coming years.“


“We were looking for a good nursery for our 3.5 years old son and got to know about Kidz-Mate through one of our friends. During the very first visit, we were thoroughly impressed by the positive vibes that seemed to tell us … THIS IS THE ONE … period.

In just a couple of months, we could see tangible progress in our son across multiple dimensions like communication, interpersonal skills, social behavior etc.

We were completely stunned to see him “teaching us” how to properly wash hands in the very first week! “