Our little learners are always occupied with hands-on learning – from meal-time to math time – balancing, designing, sorting, creating – they are always on the go! Last week with letter “n”- “nesting” was all buzz- STEM activity that led to creative nests with unusual materials – some were even edible… exciting isn’t it? Then drawing our necks with necklaces, and our nails with paint 🎨… what a blast!!🤪 Math time meant fitting things into spaces – mostly using geometrical shapes such as cubes, pyramids, cylinders and more … also teams engaged in balancing the pink tower so that it stood tall and straight … Gym Time meant balancing on mats – in all sorts of contorted positions – as we formed the shape of bugs- 🐌🐞🐜🐛- that was exhilarating 🤣😂 We want more youngsters to have, what our little ones are enjoying – come and join us for a visit at our location in Mamzar – right at a junction between Al-Nahda, Ghusais and Sharjah 🌞